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What Running Gear Do You Need for Optimal Performance?

By | June 3, 2012

So…it is running you’ve decided to do?  What a great exercise for your whole body!  If you have decided to run, then you’ll need to get your running gear together.  The other great thing about running is that you really don’t need much gear for it.  But, what running gear you will need will have to be carefully considered.

Running Shoes

This could be your most important consideration out of your running gear if you wish to be successful in your running events, not to mention safe in them.  If you chose the wrong shoes, you are likely to experience some pretty significant pain and potential injury as you train for that marathon event or cross country run.

Consider the Type of Running You Will Be Doing

The shoe that you will need will also be dependent upon where you will be running.  If you are planning to run along a paved outdoor route, you will not want the same type of shoe that you would wear to run cross country or on track surface.  Is your goal to be a sprinter? Or perhaps it is a cross country runner?  Or, maybe you would like to do jumping, hurdling or throwing events in track and field competition?  While all of these activities are great goals, they each require some pretty specific footwear running gear to provide the power you need to perform and the safety you need to prevent unnecessary injury.

Consider Your Clothing

Once you have selected the appropriate footwear, about the only other running gear you will require will be clothing.  Some thought must be given to the weather and to the temperatures in which you will be running.  T-shirts and running shorts will work for most warm weather runs but in the cooler temperatures, you will probably want to consider layering.  You might wish to wear a short sleeved shirt covered with a long sleeved shirt that could be removed and, perhaps tied around your waist when you get too warm.  For the colder temperatures, even adding a windbreaker, scarf and gloves might be the most prudent wearing apparel.

What about hat as part of the running gear? The temperature needs to be considered if you chose to wear a hat while you run.  There are designs that incorporate special lightweight materials that will allow the heat to escape through your head to keep you cooler while there are others that will keep your head warm when the temperature is lower outside.

It is very important to be comfortable while you train or run that marathon.  It can be pretty hard to tough out a cold run if you’re not dressed appropriately.

There are many types and styles of running gear clothes available that are designed to be lightweight and unrestrictive for your running comfort.  Many of the fabrics utilized in this type of clothing are designed to wick the moisture away from the body to keep you cooler. There are creams and lotions available to be used to prevent chafing as well.

Fashion and Style of Your Running Gear

While the type of shoe you need may not be the most fashionable, the great part about the huge variety of running clothes that are available today is that they look great, too!  Choose your running gear for comfort and safety first and the rest will all fall into place…hopefully FIRST PLACE!

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