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Cold Weather Running Gear

By | June 13, 2012

Running in cold weather can be very challenging especially if you don’t have appropriate cold weather running gear. Just three months ago I went to Europe in a beautiful mountainous town where the temperature was very  low.  I could not wait go for my early morning run and enjoy the clean fresh air. I didn’t have cold weather running gear and simply went out in my tracksuit. You can guess what happened.  As body still hadn’t adjusted to the local weather conditions only after one minute of running I was out of breath and I had chest pains. I decided to stop running and start walking instead. The next morning I was better prepared with cold weather running gear that will at least protect  my respiratory system from the cold air.

If you prefer to run outdoors instead indoors using your treadmill, I’d suggest you get good running gear  to protect yourself from the elements and be safe. Bellow I will list all available cold weather running gear but it will be entirely up to you to select what you buy pending on your budget and personal preference.

Head Protection–  We lose about 40% of our body heat through our head therefore it is very important to protect our head. You can use thermal cap, hat or a balaclava. They can be made from fleece or wool. Bandana covers your entire head and will give you additional neck  and face protection.

Neck Protection– On windy cold days it is important to protect your neck with gaiter or bandana. They are very handy as you can cover your entire face and breathe in warm air.

Hand protection- we lose large amount of heat from our hands and to keep them warm you can use gloves or mittens. On extremely cold days it is better to wear mittens as all fingers share there warmth.

Foot protection– For cold and wet weather I will recommend leather running shoes to keep your feet warm and dry. With the footwear cold weather running gear it is very important to not use cotton socks as the keep the moisture around the foot making it fell cold. Always use cocks made from wicking material like wool to wick away the moisture and keep your feet warm.

Insulating  cold weather running gearTo keep your body warm make sure you have few layers of cloths. Layers also allow free sweat movement especially if the first layers is made from wool or appropriate synthetic wicking material to wick away the sweat and keep the skin warm. If the weather is windy or raining wind and water proof cloths should be essential  part of your cold weather running gear to keep your body dry and minimise the wind chill effect to minimal levels.

After all it is entirely up to you to assess the local weather conditions and work out what cold weather running gear you need without overspending or risking to be under dressed. If it is difficult for you to do the assessment I am sure that your local sports gear shop will be more than happy to assist you in your selection.

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